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  • Non-Destructive Testing Applications for Steel Bridges 

    Khedmatgozar Dolati, Seyed Saman; Caluk, Nerma; Mehrabi, Armin; Khedmatgozar Dolati, Seyed Sasan (2021-10-19)
    The growing population and increasing demand for surface transportation have highlighted the importance of maintaining safe and reliable civil infrastructures for daily use. Among all civil infrastructures, bridges are one ...
  • Spatiotemporal Analysis of Sea Ice Leads in the Arctic Ocean Retrieved from IceBridge Laxon Line Data 2012–2018 

    Sha, Dexuan; Koo, Younghyun; Miao, Xin; Srirenganathan, Anusha; Lan, Hai; Biswas, Shorojit; Liu, Qian; Mestas-Nuñez, Alberto M.; Xie, Hongjie; Yang, Chaowei (2021-10-19)
    The ocean and atmosphere exert stresses on sea ice that create elongated cracks and leads which dominate the vertical exchange of energy, especially in cold seasons, despite covering only a small fraction of the surface. ...
  • Intelligent Room-Based Identification of Electricity Consumption with an Ensemble Learning Method in Smart Energy 

    Le, Vincent; Ramirez, Joshua; Alamaniotis, Miltiadis (2021-10-15)
    This paper frames itself in the realm of smart energy technologies that can be utilized to satisfy the electricity demand of consumers. In this environment, demand response programs and the intelligent management of energy ...
  • A Fault Diagnosis Design Based on Deep Learning Approach for Electric Vehicle Applications 

    Kaplan, Halid; Tehrani, Kambiz; Jamshidi, Mo (2021-10-13)
    Diagnosing faults in electric vehicles (EVs) is a great challenge. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the detection of faults in an electromechanical conversion chain for conventional or autonomous EVs. The ...
  • The Retreat of Mountain Glaciers since the Little Ice Age: A Spatially Explicit Database 

    Marta, Silvio; Azzoni, Roberto Sergio; Fugazza, Davide; Tielidze, Levan; Chand, Pritam; Sieron, Katrin; Almond, Peter; Ambrosini, Roberto; Anthelme, Fabien; Alviz Gazitúa, Pablo; Bhambri, Rakesh; Bonin, Aurélie; Caccianiga, Marco; Cauvy-Fraunié, Sophie; Ceballos Lievano, Jorge Luis; Clague, John; Cochachín Rapre, Justiniano Alejo; Dangles, Olivier; Deline, Philip; Eger, Andre; Cruz Encarnación, Rolando; Erokhin, Sergey; Franzetti, Andrea; Gielly, Ludovic; Gili, Fabrizio; Gobbi, Mauro; Guerrieri, Alessia; Hågvar, Sigmund; Khedim, Norine; Kinyanjui, Rahab; Messager, Erwan; Morales-Martínez, Marco Aurelio; Peyre, Gwendolyn; Pittino, Francesca; Poulenard, Jerome; Seppi, Roberto; Chand Sharma, Milap; Urseitova, Nurai; Weissling, Blake; Yang, Yan; Zaginaev, Vitalii; Zimmer, Anaïs; Diolaiuti, Guglielmina Adele; Rabatel, Antoine; Ficetola, Gentile Francesco (2021-10-09)
    Most of the world’s mountain glaciers have been retreating for more than a century in response to climate change. Glacier retreat is evident on all continents, and the rate of retreat has accelerated during recent decades. ...

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