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  • The Role of Arrestin-1 Middle Loop in Rhodopsin Binding 

    Vishnivetskiy, Sergey A.; Huh, Elizabeth K.; Karnam, Preethi C.; Oviedo, Samantha; Gurevich, Eugenia V.; Gurevich, Vsevolod V. (2022-11-11)
    Arrestins preferentially bind active phosphorylated G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). The middle loop, highly conserved in all arrestin subtypes, is localized in the central crest on the GPCR-binding side. Upon receptor ...
  • MSDeveloper: A Variability-Guided Methodology for Microservice-Based Development 

    Kuruoglu Dolu, Betul; Cetinkaya, Anil; Kaya, M. Cagri; Nazlioglu, Selma; Dogru, Ali H. (2022-11-11)
    This article presents a microservice-based development approach, MSDeveloper (Microservices Developer), employing variability management for product configuration through a low-code development environment. The purpose of ...
  • Digital Filter Design for Force Signals from Eulerian–Lagrangian Analyses of Wave Impact on Bridges 

    Majlesi, Arsalan; Shahriar, Adnan; Nasouri, Reza; Khodadadi Koodiani, Hamid; Montoya, Arturo; Du, Ao; Matamoros, Adolfo (2022-11-14)
    Finite element (FE) models that simulate wave–superstructure interactions with the coupled Eulerian–Lagrangian (CEL) technique provide a viable and economical solution to estimate wave impact forces on bridge superstructures. ...
  • Multiple Head Rotations Result in Persistent Gait Alterations in Piglets 

    Mull, Mackenzie; Aderibigbe, Oluwagbemisola; Hajiaghamemar, Marzieh; Oeur, R. Anna; Margulies, Susan S. (2022-11-19)
    Multiple/repeated mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in young children can cause long-term gait impairments and affect the developmental course of motor control. Using our swine model for mTBI in young children, our aim ...
  • Archaeological survey for two pipeline crossings at Venado Creek, Jackson County, Texas 

    Uecker, Herbert G. (Archaeological Report No. 209, 1991)
    The Center for Archaeological Research at The University of Texas at San Antonio, investigated the cultural resource potential of two proposed pipeline crossings along Venado Creek in Jackson County, Texas, for Mobil ...

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