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    • Pandemic 2020 

      Shaw, Catalina (2020-11-11)
      My work chronicles the views and experiences of various people during the covid 19 pandemic.
    • Pandemic Experience 

      Cruz, Jacob (2020-09-01)
      My work is about how Covid-19 has turned my life upside and I have had to experience so many changes to my life. Whether it be my everyday life or academic school life.
    • Panoramas and Personas: Setting and Subject in Rania Matar’s Photographic Works 

      Walker, Hannah (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
      In this research paper, I have investigated photographer Rania Matar’s usage of the physical landscape, natural and/or artificial, in combination with the physical bodies of her subjects, to create dialogue with the viewer ...
    • Parental Incarceration, Child Adversity, and Child Health: A Strategic Comparison Approach 

      Jackson, Dylan B.; Testa, Alexander; Semenza, Daniel C.; Vaughn, Michael G. (3/25/2021)
      Background: Research points to parental incarceration as an important social determinant of child health. Even so, studies examining the health impact of parental incarceration in the context of diverse childhood stressors ...
    • Parental Occupation and the Gender Math Gap: Examining the Social Reproduction of Academic Advantage among Elementary and Middle School Students 

      Bowden, Monica; Bartkowski, John P.; Xu, Xiaohe; Lewis Jr., Richard (12/29/2017)
      Math proficiency is considered a critical subject for entry into most science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) occupations. This study examines the relationship between parental occupation and gender differences ...
    • Participatory sensing-based semantic and spatial analysis of urban emergency events using mobile social media 

      Xu, Zheng; Zhang, Hui; Sugumaran, Vijayan; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond; Mei, Lin; Zhu, Yiwei (EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking volume;44, 2016-02-09)
      With the advances of information communication technologies, it is critical to improve the efficiency and accuracy of emergency management systems through modern data processing techniques. Geographic information system ...
    • The Past Affecting the Present 

      Ho, Atara (2021-01-27)
      A defining moment for me in the year 2020 and a defining moment for my parents
    • The Path to Serenity 

      Duron, Mariah (2020-11-17)
      A poem that describes life within the pandemic and finding happiness by creating your own path.
    • Pathway Enrichment Analysis with Networks 

      Liu, Lu; Wei, Jinmao; Ruan, Jianhua (9/28/2017)
      Detecting associations between an input gene set and annotated gene sets (e.g., pathways) is an important problem in modern molecular biology. In this paper, we propose two algorithms, termed NetPEA and NetPEA’, for ...
    • Performance Assessment of Dynamic Downscaling of WRF to Simulate Convective Conditions during Sagebrush Phase 1 Tracer Experiments 

      Bhimireddy, Sudheer R.; Bhaganagar, Kiran (12/19/2018)
      Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) corresponding to four convective intensive observation periods of Sagebrush Phase 1 tracer experiment were conducted with realistic boundary conditions using Weather Research and Forecast model ...
    • Performance Evaluation of IMERG GPM Products during Tropical Storm Imelda 

      Sakib, Salman; Ghebreyesus, Dawit; Sharif, Hatim O. (5/27/2021)
      Tropical Storm Imelda struck the southeast coastal regions of Texas from 17–19 September, 2019, and delivered precipitation above 500 mm over about 6000 km2. The performance of the three IMERG (Early-, Late-, and Final-run) ...
    • Performance of the CMORPH and GPM IMERG Products over the United Arab Emirates 

      Alsumaiti, Tareefa S.; Hussein, Khalid A.; Ghebreyesus, Dawit T.; Sharif, Hatim O. (5/1/2020)
      Satellite-based precipitation products are becoming available at very high temporal and spatial resolutions, which has accelerated their use in various hydro-meteorological and hydro-climatological applications. Because ...
    • Perseverance Through Every Occasion 

      Maia, Marta (2021-01-22)
      The first part is about a defining moment in my life where I was training to become a lifeguard and in my final test, I popped a blister while I was giving CPR in forty degree weather; yet I managed to persevere and complete ...
    • Persistent Hope 

      Patterson, Bleah (2021-10-26)
      How Covid has impacted our lives but how we remain hopeful for the future even still.
    • Personal Bubble 

      Ortiz, Christian; Divina, Noreena (2020-12-12)
      The project's purpose is to make an outside theater dedicated to the comfortability of an individual and the focus on how to make the theater's sound performance high quality. It also follows our current situation on regards ...
    • Personal Defining Moments During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Ancestral Parallels 

      Howland, Kennedy (2020-09-02)
      Journal style entry of my defining experiences during the pandemic alongside a description of my ancestor and the similarities of our defining moments.
    • Personal Issues 

      Rocha, Alexandra; Gonzalez, Lorena (2020-12-10)
      Conceptual performance space regarding the effect of personal issues during the 2020 Pandemic.
    • Personal Pathways Theater 

      Cantu, Dagoberto (2020-12-12)
      My partner and I designed this performance area based on a poem named, "The Disturbance". Several key words and phrases in the poem gave us the ideas we needed to start our project. One key phrases in the poem that helped ...
    • Phase Diagram of the Attractive Kane-Mele-Hubbard Model at Half Filling 

      Koinov, Zlatko (9/14/2020)
      Motivated by recent developments in the experimental study of ultracold atoms in graphene-like honeycomb optical lattices, we investigate superconductivity of the attractive Kane-Mele-Habbard (KMH) model with the ...