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    • Current Antimycotics, New Prospects, and Future Approaches to Antifungal Therapy 

      Wall, Gina; Lopez-Ribot, Jose L. (7/25/2020)
      Fungal infections represent an increasing threat to a growing number of immune- and medically compromised patients. Fungi are eukaryotic organisms and, as such, there is a limited number of selective targets that can be ...
    • Cycloaddition reactions of enoldiazo compounds 

      Doyle, Michael; Cheng, Qing-Qing; Deng, Yongming; Lankelma, Marianne (Chemical Society Reviews;, 2017-07-20)
      Enoldiazo esters and amides have proven to be versatile reagents for cycloaddition reactions that allow highly efficient construction of various carbocycles and heterocycles. Their versatility is exemplified by (1) ...
    • Dance: The Burning 

      Ward, Natalya; Hogan, Mackenzie; Oyler, Acacia (2021-05-05)
    • Dance: The Burning 2 

      Ward, Natalya; Hogan, Mackenzie; Oyler, Acacia (2021-05-05)
    • Data Analysis of QMS Data During UN Oxidation 

      Williams, Brandon L. (7/30/21)
      QMS data was obtained of the oxidation of uranium mononitride (UN) in 31.7% steam at high temperatures. The data was treated to account for instrument noise and obfuscated signals due to ions sharing the same signal. The ...
    • Data- and Model-Based Discharge Hindcasting over a Subtropical River Basin 

      Billah, Khondoker; Le, Tuan B.; Sharif, Hatim O. (9/17/2021)
      This study aims to evaluate the performance of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), a simple Auto-Regressive with eXogenous input (ARX) model, and a gene expression programming (GEP)-based model in one-day-ahead ...
    • Deep Learning to Forecast Solar Irradiance Using a Six-Month UTSA SkyImager Dataset 

      Moncada, Ariana; Richardson, Walter; Vega-Avila, Rolando (7/31/2018)
      Distributed PV power generation necessitates both intra-hour and day-ahead forecasting of solar irradiance. The UTSA SkyImager is an inexpensive all-sky imaging system built using a Raspberry Pi computer with camera. ...
    • Deep Learning-Based Intrusion Detection for Distributed Denial of Service Attack in Agriculture 4.0 

      Ferrag, Mohamed Amine; Shu, Lei; Djallel, Hamouda; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond (5/25/2021)
      Smart Agriculture or Agricultural Internet of things, consists of integrating advanced technologies (e.g., NFV, SDN, 5G/6G, Blockchain, IoT, Fog, Edge, and AI) into existing farm operations to improve the quality and ...
    • Defense against Adversarial Swarms with Parameter Uncertainty 

      Walton, Claire; Kaminer, Isaac; Gong, Qi; Clark, Abram H.; Tsatsanifos, Theodoros (2022-06-24)
      This paper addresses the problem of optimal defense of a high-value unit (HVU) against a large-scale swarm attack. We discuss multiple models for intra-swarm cooperation strategies and provide a framework for combining ...
    • Defense Priming and Jasmonates: A Role for Free Fatty Acids in Insect Elicitor-Induced Long Distance Signaling 

      Li, Ting; Cofer, Tristan; Engelberth, Marie; Engelberth, Jurgen (1/8/2016)
      Green leaf volatiles (GLV) prime plants against insect herbivore attack resulting in stronger and faster signaling by jasmonic acid (JA). In maize this response is specifically linked to insect elicitor (IE)-induced signaling ...
    • Defining Moment 

      Salas, Graciela Angeles (2021-01-23)
      Defining my history and my ancestor.
    • Defining Moment of my Freshman Year in College 

      Compton, Kelsey (2021-02-07)
      My work is about a defining moment that I thought shaped me as a person and also a defining moment from ancestors to see how they correlate.
    • Defining Moment- Christopher Blevins 

      Blevins, Christopher (2020-11)
      It is a story of myself and some defining moments in my life followed by defining moments in my ancestors life, the ancestor being my father.
    • Defining Moment- Matthew Kelly 

      Kelly, Matthew (2021-02-10)
      Describing the defining moment within my life, as well as describing the defining moment in one of my ancestors lives.
    • Defining Moments 

      Borges, Maria E Pabon (2020-09-28)
      How covid 19 has impact me and created a defining moment in my life.
    • Defining Moments of Different Generations 

      Lee, Chloe "Seorin" (2020-08-27)
      My work explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected my anticipated high school graduation, and what I have learned from the experience. I also described my parents' defining moment in their generation, and how it changed ...
    • Defining Moments- Jessica Perez 

      Perez, Jessica (2021-02-11)
      An event that was a defining moment in my life, and one of an ancestors.
    • Defining Moments: A Year of Loss and a Fight For Home 

      Borsos, Alessandra (2021-02-11)
      This writing tell of a defining moment of my first experience of loss, as well as a defining moment from my great grandmother in which she fights for her nation and makes choices that changed her life.
    • Defining Moments: My Grandfather's Illness 

      Karthik, Nikita (2021-01-24)
      This piece is about my grandfather's role in motivating me to pursue a career in the medical field by turning his sudden illness into a learning experience for me.
    • Defining Moments: Overcoming Disappointment 

      Hammar, Kaylee (2021-02-10)
      This describes two defining moments in which disappointment and tragedy lead to a good and surprising outcome.