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    • 2020 Was A S*** Show 

      Wall, Derrick (2020-11-27)
      2020 has been a rough year, for everyone that has hopefully lived through this year. To many truly despairing moments, and that takes a toll on the mental. I decided to put my feelings of what I went through, and many ...
    • 2020, America Revealed 

      Dehoyos, Toni (2020-12-10)
      The 2020 pandemic hit and a lot of things changed and thousands of people were against guidelines and mandates, turning a blind eye to something very serious. I was inspired to create a print for depicting America and ...
    • #BLM, What is #BLM? 

      Gorham, Charles (2020-12-02)
      My video is about the #BLM movement, its creation and ideals.
    • Cope: Dealing with the COVID-19 

      Sierra, Grecia (2020-11-30)
      I wanted to shift towards my journey of the first few weeks of this current pandemic. An event that will be remembered long after it has ended, much like other pandemics before it. I used my art to express the motions of ...
    • Diary 

      Rodriguez, Maria (2021-05-09)
      My work is about the looming and lingering anxiety felt in the beginning of quarantine. How words and emotions can be expressed visually.
    • Disinfect 

      Vilches, Itzel (2020-12-10)
      In a pandemic, our physical belongings aren't the only thing we should frequently wipe clean from viruses. With every notification and news headline, my headspace became contaminated with thoughts of anxiety, doubt, and ...
    • The Disturbance (within my thoughts) 

      Sims, Monae (2020-12-01)
      This is a visual representation of a combination of 3 other people work which includes, two english majors' poems, and one architecture student's design ideas.
    • Incorporating Research in the Studio: A Case Study of Faculty/Librarian Collaboration 

      Salisbury, Shari; Lawrence, Jane (2012-03)
      This poster presents a pedagogical case study involving the collaboration of an art faculty member and a librarian subject specialist to incorporate research in a studio art class in order to accomplish specific information ...
    • Inside Me 

      Sanchez, Paola (2021-05-04)
      This project is about an essay I read about a students going through her hardships with asthma. I used her story and my story with my condition, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and created a diary with entries from other ...
    • It's all the same 

      Herrera, Madeline (2020)
      This print was inspired by personal accounts, rooted in those around my life and general themes of isolation that many faced in 2020. As I absorbed the projects did themes of loss, mental struggles and a sense of chaos ...
    • Living in the House of Usher 

      Collier, Catherine (2020-12-06)
      This year, we have experience a broad range of emotions in a short amount of time. We have attempted to carry on with daily activities and our monotonous routine when anger, mania, depression, anxiety are all creeping up ...
    • A Love Letter to Houston 

      McLain, Gillian (2020-11-27)
      I was born and raised in Houston, Texas as was most of my mother's immediate side of the family. Our city is very important to me, its vibrance and style is so unique, our communities are resilient. I wanted to pay respects ...
    • Marsha P. Johnson Painting 

      Rodriguez, Cassandra (2020-11-30)
      In this video, I created a time lapse of me painting LGBTQ rights activist, Marsha P. Johnson, as well as discussing a few of her accomplishments and contributions to the gay community.
    • Nagorno-Karabakh 

      Juarez, Christopher (2020-12-01)
      The work revolves around the recently "resolved" conflict that erupted in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Armenia, (internationally recognized Azerbaijan), that ended in a Russia brokered cease fire.
    • No Regrets 

      Rush, Morgan (2020-11-30)
      We all know how terrible 2020 has been. Collectively it’s been tough world wide due to Covid. Personally I had my first heartbreak and have been dealing with it throughout the year. My work expresses my need to move on ...
    • Objects & Reflections 

      Vega, Joe Raymond (2020-12-01)
      This piece is a reflection of Human Rights broken down into basic geometric shapes. The piece focuses on the contrast between light and dark, yin and yang, and the value of everything in between. Using sound and visuals ...
    • Pandemic 2020 

      Shaw, Catalina (2020-11-11)
      My work chronicles the views and experiences of various people during the covid 19 pandemic.
    • Panoramas and Personas: Setting and Subject in Rania Matar’s Photographic Works 

      Walker, Hannah (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
      In this research paper, I have investigated photographer Rania Matar’s usage of the physical landscape, natural and/or artificial, in combination with the physical bodies of her subjects, to create dialogue with the viewer ...
    • Pierrot The Fool 

      Borazjanian, Ari (2021-05-11)
      This is an art book about balancing many life changes and the flexibility needed to keep everything at peace. This is shown through a clown perpetually walking on a tightrope going nowhere throughout the book. The clown/circus ...
    • Repeat 

      Croom, Allyson (2020-11-30)
      My work is about the monotony that has become life since the pandemic began.