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    • #BLM, What is #BLM? 

      Gorham, Charles (2020-12-02)
      My video is about the #BLM movement, its creation and ideals.
    • Christian's Bleak 2020 

      Gray, Christian (2021-01-22)
      2020 was a bad year, I hope 2021 gets better
    • Defining Moment- Christopher Blevins 

      Blevins, Christopher (2020-11)
      It is a story of myself and some defining moments in my life followed by defining moments in my ancestors life, the ancestor being my father.
    • Living in the House of Usher 

      Collier, Catherine (2020-12-06)
      This year, we have experience a broad range of emotions in a short amount of time. We have attempted to carry on with daily activities and our monotonous routine when anger, mania, depression, anxiety are all creeping up ...
    • No Regrets 

      Rush, Morgan (2020-11-30)
      We all know how terrible 2020 has been. Collectively it’s been tough world wide due to Covid. Personally I had my first heartbreak and have been dealing with it throughout the year. My work expresses my need to move on ...
    • Persistent Hope 

      Patterson, Bleah (2021-10-26)
      How Covid has impacted our lives but how we remain hopeful for the future even still.
    • Why, 2020 

      Amaya, Maria (2020-11-30)
      A little run down about what happened during 2020, and about how I reacted during that time.