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    • Disinfect 

      Vilches, Itzel (2020-12-10)
      In a pandemic, our physical belongings aren't the only thing we should frequently wipe clean from viruses. With every notification and news headline, my headspace became contaminated with thoughts of anxiety, doubt, and ...
    • It's all the same 

      Herrera, Madeline (2020)
      This print was inspired by personal accounts, rooted in those around my life and general themes of isolation that many faced in 2020. As I absorbed the projects did themes of loss, mental struggles and a sense of chaos ...
    • Personal Defining Moments During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Ancestral Parallels 

      Howland, Kennedy (2020-09-02)
      Journal style entry of my defining experiences during the pandemic alongside a description of my ancestor and the similarities of our defining moments.
    • The Walls Stare Back 

      Jimenez, Lily (2020-12-10)
      This picture is inspired by my recent trials in a 2-week quarantine. Essentially trapped by the walls of my room with no opportunity of leaving my space, the idea of being confined overrode my thoughts. As I analyzed the ...