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    • The difficulties that came with COVID-19 and struggles from the past 

      Watson, Ethan (2020-08-22)
      The paper is about how Covid-19 had affected my day to day life and the struggles that came with it. Also, contains a story that my mom told me about what was a defining moment of her life.
    • The Emergence of Educational Hypogamy in India 

      Lin, Zhiyong; Desai, Sonalde; Chen, Feinian (Demography;57, 2020-06-10)
      With rising education among women across the world, educational hypergamy (women marrying men with higher education) has decreased over the last few decades in both developed and developing countries. Although a decrease ...
    • Following in Her Footsteps 

      Ghanem, Rodina (2021-02-12)
      In part 1, I talk about my experience as a senior in high school through COVID and I reflect on the instability COVID caused everyone. In part 2, I talk about my grandmother's move to Sudan in pursuit of her studies and ...
    • My Experience in COVID19 

      Hicks, Hannah (2020-09-01)
      This is about my experience when the pandemic hit and how it affected my education and also my home life.
    • One Small Change That Could Fix the World 

      Dickenson, Justin (2021-03-18)
      This spark page is a reflection on the need for educating children about their rights and roles in society.
    • What is wrong with American education? 

      Debello, Alessandra Sophia (2021-04-07)
      This Spark page shows critiques of American Education and how we can improve it for the future generations of American children.