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    • A Knead to Belong 

      Zavaletta, Cat (5/10/2022)
      Batches of freshly, baked pastries come out of the oven. Many of the same. But, there is one that stands out amongst the rest. Will they ever find where their place?
    • Love Grows 

      Harris, Sunny (5/10/2022)
      A caterpillar going through changes asks her mother a series of questions about life, love, and growing up. Her mother answers with bedtime stories like anecdotes that deal with race, gender, and sexuality both as personal ...
    • Pluto and Juno 

      Wang, Makayla (1/27/2022)
      The story explores two identical siblings who are unable to be set apart from one another and can be relational to children who are experiencing a sense of neglect within their upbringing. Thus, encouraging readers to ...