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    • Middle Eastern Immigration 

      Faiz, Navid (2021-02-11)
      Stories of how the experience of immigrating to the U.S. is for those living in the Middle East, along with the effects of trying to immigrate on their family.
    • My Ancestor's Story 

      Garcia, Denis (2020-08-26)
      This is the short story of one of my ancestors. The story describes how my ancestor immigrated from France to Austria and how I feel connected to him since I immigrated from Austria to the United States.
    • My Most Defining Moment 

      Saldana, Jasmine (2021-01-25)
      Its about my most defining moment in my life and how it has affected me throughout my life. This one moment between my parents helped me and my brother have a completely different life than we would've had if they stayed ...
    • Shaping History 

      Cuellar, Osvaldo (2020-08-30)
      This short paper looks back to the past and describes a defining moment in my families history.