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    • 2020, America Revealed 

      Dehoyos, Toni (2020-12-10)
      The 2020 pandemic hit and a lot of things changed and thousands of people were against guidelines and mandates, turning a blind eye to something very serious. I was inspired to create a print for depicting America and ...
    • Bold Questions: Current Times During Covid-19 

      Medina, Melanie (2020-10-20)
      This Spark page answers the question of what is currently going on in my chosen career field, what the future looks like & what I can do to prepare
    • Defining Moment- Christopher Blevins 

      Blevins, Christopher (2020-11)
      It is a story of myself and some defining moments in my life followed by defining moments in my ancestors life, the ancestor being my father.
    • Disinfect 

      Vilches, Itzel (2020-12-10)
      In a pandemic, our physical belongings aren't the only thing we should frequently wipe clean from viruses. With every notification and news headline, my headspace became contaminated with thoughts of anxiety, doubt, and ...
    • The Disturbance 

      Bradley, Hannah (2020-10-22)
      The Disturbance is about the hardship and hope that surrounds the events of the pandemic.
    • First Pains of COVID-19 

      Lima, Kaitlin (2020-09-05)
      In the early months of the pandemic, I experienced loss through second hand experiences as family friends passed away. Soon enough, I experienced the pain first hand as my grandmother passed right before Mother's Day. This ...
    • Following in Her Footsteps 

      Ghanem, Rodina (2021-02-12)
      In part 1, I talk about my experience as a senior in high school through COVID and I reflect on the instability COVID caused everyone. In part 2, I talk about my grandmother's move to Sudan in pursuit of her studies and ...
    • Memories of One's Youth 

      Jeedigunta, Shreya (2021-02-12)
      My summary is a defining moment of my life as well as the defining moment of my grandparents lide in order to see how the times have changed.
    • My Journey 

      Garcia, Cierra (2020-08-31)
      My journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Our Journey 

      Ortiz, Stephanie (2020-08-25)
      My project consists of my life during the pandemic and the changes I had to undergo alongside the story of my grandparents and the changes they had to phase in earlier years.
    • Pandemic Experience 

      Cruz, Jacob (2020-09-01)
      My work is about how Covid-19 has turned my life upside and I have had to experience so many changes to my life. Whether it be my everyday life or academic school life.
    • Persistent Hope 

      Patterson, Bleah (2021-10-26)
      How Covid has impacted our lives but how we remain hopeful for the future even still.
    • A Play of Light and Shadow 

      Broyles, Michael; Gonzalez, Victoria (2020-12-11)
      Through the act of self-reflection performed throughout these moments of isolation we may still find the opportunity for positivity and hopeful possibility. This project will seek to exemplify these struggles within the ...
    • Reflections 

      De Leon, Lilibeth (2020-08-26)
      In this writing, I speak about how my life changed throughout this pandemic. When this was written it was six months into this drastic change in our lifestyle, and I highlight the things that used to be apart of my daily ...
    • Repeat 

      Croom, Allyson (2020-11-30)
      My work is about the monotony that has become life since the pandemic began.
    • Shaping History 

      Cuellar, Osvaldo (2020-08-30)
      This short paper looks back to the past and describes a defining moment in my families history.
    • Viktor Frankl and COVID-19: Finding Hope Amidst a Pandemic 

      Driskill, Landri (The UTSA Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Work;Volume 7, 2020-12)
      This essay applies Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy on the anxiety produced by the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). During the Holocaust, survivor and psychologist Viktor Frankl utilized his study of logotherapy to discover how ...
    • We Are: A Human Expression 

      Dejesus, Leonardo (2020-11-28)
      This work is about how everyone struggles, and how the pandemic is making that strikingly clear.