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    • Genetic Addiction Risk and Psychological Profiling Analyses for "Preaddiction" Severity Index 

      Blum, Kenneth; Han, David; Bowirrat, Abdalla; Downs, Bernard William; Bagchi, Debasis; Thanos, Panayotis K.; Baron, David; Braverman, Eric R.; Dennen, Catherine A.; Gupta, Ashim; Elman, Igor; Badgaiyan, Rajendra D.; Llanos-Gomez, Luis; Khalsa, Jag; Barh, Debmalya; McLaughlin, Thomas; Gold, Mark S. (2022-10-27)
      Since 1990, when our laboratory published the association of the DRD2 Taq A1 allele and severe alcoholism in JAMA, there has been an explosion of genetic candidate association studies, including genome-wide association ...