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    • Bernstein Polynomial-Based Method for Solving Optimal Trajectory Generation Problems 

      Kielas-Jensen, Calvin; Cichella, Venanzio; Berry, Thomas; Kaminer, Isaac; Walton, Claire; Pascoal, Antonio (2/27/2022)
      This paper presents a method for the generation of trajectories for autonomous system operations. The proposed method is based on the use of Bernstein polynomial approximations to transcribe infinite dimensional optimization ...
    • Defense against Adversarial Swarms with Parameter Uncertainty 

      Walton, Claire; Kaminer, Isaac; Gong, Qi; Clark, Abram H.; Tsatsanifos, Theodoros (2022-06-24)
      This paper addresses the problem of optimal defense of a high-value unit (HVU) against a large-scale swarm attack. We discuss multiple models for intra-swarm cooperation strategies and provide a framework for combining ...