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    • Probing Plasma Composition with the Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope (ngEHT) 

      Emami, Razieh; Anantua, Richard; Ricarte, Angelo; Doeleman, Sheperd S.; Broderick, Avery; Wong, George; Blackburn, Lindy; Wielgus, Maciek; Narayan, Ramesh; Tremblay, Grant; Alcock, Charles; Hernquist, Lars; Smith, Randall; Liska, Matthew; Natarajan, Priyamvada; Vogelsberger, Mark; Curd, Brandon; Kramer, Joana A. (2023-01-10)
      We explore the plasma matter content in the innermost accretion disk/jet in M87* as relevant for an enthusiastic search for the signatures of anti-matter in the next generation of the Event Horizon Telescope (ngEHT). We ...
    • Tracing Hot Spot Motion in Sagittarius A* Using the Next-Generation Event Horizon Telescope (ngEHT) 

      Emami, Razieh; Tiede, Paul; Doeleman, Sheperd S.; Roelofs, Freek; Wielgus, Maciek; Blackburn, Lindy; Liska, Matthew; Chatterjee, Koushik; Ripperda, Bart; Fuentes, Antonio; Broderick, Avery E.; Hernquist, Lars; Alcock, Charles; Narayan, Ramesh; Smith, Randall; Tremblay, Grant; Ricarte, Angelo; Sun, He; Anantua, Richard; Kovalev, Yuri Y.; Natarajan, Priyamvada; Vogelsberger, Mark (2023-01-29)
      We propose the tracing of the motion of a shearing hot spot near the Sgr A* source through a dynamical image reconstruction algorithm, StarWarps. Such a hot spot may form as the exhaust of magnetic reconnection in a current ...