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    • Animal Model Dependent Response to Pentagalloyl Glucose in Murine Abdominal Aortic Injury 

      Anderson, Jennifer L.; Niedert, Elizabeth E.; Patnaik, Sourav S.; Tang, Renxiang; Holloway, Riley L.; Osteguin, Vangelina; Finol, Ender A.; Goergen, Craig J. (1/9/2021)
      Abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs) are a local dilation of the aorta and are associated with significant mortality due to rupture and treatment complications. There is a need for less invasive treatments to prevent aneurysm ...
    • Biomechanical Restoration Potential of Pentagalloyl Glucose after Arterial Extracellular Matrix Degeneration 

      Patnaik, Sourav S.; Piskin, Senol; Pillalamarri, Narasimha Rao; Romero, Gabriela; Escobar, G. Patricia; Sprague, Eugene; Finol, Ender A. (7/3/2019)
      The objective of this study was to quantify pentagalloyl glucose (PGG) mediated biomechanical restoration of degenerated extracellular matrix (ECM). Planar biaxial tensile testing was performed for native (N), enzyme-treated ...
    • Mechanical Response of Porcine Liver Tissue under High Strain Rate Compression 

      Chen, Joseph; Patnaik, Sourav S.; Prabhu, R. K.; Priddy, Lauren B.; Bouvard, Jean-Luc; Marin, Esteban; Horstemeyer, Mark F.; Liao, Jun; Williams, Lakiesha N. (5/30/2019)
      In automobile accidents, abdominal injuries are often life-threatening yet not apparent at the time of initial injury. The liver is the most commonly injured abdominal organ from this type of trauma. In contrast to current ...