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    • Community Engagement Practices at Research Centers in U.S. Minority Institutions: Priority Populations and Innovative Approaches to Advancing Health Disparities Research 

      Henry Akintobi, Tabia; Sheikhattari, Payam; Shaffer, Emma; Evans, Christina L.; Braun, Kathryn L.; Sy, Angela U.; Mancera, Bibiana; Campa, Adriana; Miller, Stephania T.; Sarpong, Daniel; Holliday, Rhonda; Jimenez-Chavez, Julio; Khan, Shafiq; Hinton, Cimona; Sellars-Bates, Kimberly; Ajewole, Veronica; Teufel-Shone, Nicolette I.; McMullin, Juliet; Suther, Sandra; Kimbro, K. Sean; Taylor, Lorraine; Velez Vega, Carmen M.; Williams, Carla; Perry, George; Zuchner, Stephan; Marzan Rodriguez, Melissa; Tchounwou, Paul B. (6/21/2021)
      This paper details U.S. Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Community Engagement Cores (CECs): (1) unique and cross-cutting components, focus areas, specific aims, and target populations; and (2) approaches ...