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    • It's all the same 

      Herrera, Madeline (2020)
      This print was inspired by personal accounts, rooted in those around my life and general themes of isolation that many faced in 2020. As I absorbed the projects did themes of loss, mental struggles and a sense of chaos ...
    • My Defining Moments: Becoming a mom, brother battling cancer, and passion for the military 

      Harper, Destiny (2020-07-24)
      This year so far has been a huge defining moment in my life as well as my family’s. While our world and people within our communities fight and try to prevent the battle against covid-19, two of the most defining moments ...
    • The difficulties that came with COVID-19 and struggles from the past 

      Watson, Ethan (2020-08-22)
      The paper is about how Covid-19 had affected my day to day life and the struggles that came with it. Also, contains a story that my mom told me about what was a defining moment of her life.
    • Our Journey 

      Ortiz, Stephanie (2020-08-25)
      My project consists of my life during the pandemic and the changes I had to undergo alongside the story of my grandparents and the changes they had to phase in earlier years.
    • Reflections 

      De Leon, Lilibeth (2020-08-26)
      In this writing, I speak about how my life changed throughout this pandemic. When this was written it was six months into this drastic change in our lifestyle, and I highlight the things that used to be apart of my daily ...
    • My Ancestor's Story 

      Garcia, Denis (2020-08-26)
      This is the short story of one of my ancestors. The story describes how my ancestor immigrated from France to Austria and how I feel connected to him since I immigrated from Austria to the United States.
    • Defining Moments of Different Generations 

      Lee, Chloe "Seorin" (2020-08-27)
      My work explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected my anticipated high school graduation, and what I have learned from the experience. I also described my parents' defining moment in their generation, and how it changed ...
    • 2020: The Year We Stood Still 

      Garcia, Kaitlyn (2020-08-28)
      A personal narrative depicting the struggles that came with this year of 2020 but also the victories that flourished from it.
    • Life As I Knew It 

      Piering, Taylor (2020-08-30)
      This essay is about looking inward and to the past for confirmation that everything is going to be okay in one of the darkest years of my life.
    • Shaping History 

      Cuellar, Osvaldo (2020-08-30)
      This short paper looks back to the past and describes a defining moment in my families history.
    • How the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted my life 

      Patel, Devanshi (2020-08-30)
      This encompasses how the pandemic has strengthened my desire to pursue a health profession.
    • My 2020 Experience 

      Mapa, Gabriela (2020-08-31)
      A description of my experience during the pandemic.
    • My Journey 

      Garcia, Cierra (2020-08-31)
      My journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Pandemic Experience 

      Cruz, Jacob (2020-09-01)
      My work is about how Covid-19 has turned my life upside and I have had to experience so many changes to my life. Whether it be my everyday life or academic school life.
    • My Experience in COVID19 

      Hicks, Hannah (2020-09-01)
      This is about my experience when the pandemic hit and how it affected my education and also my home life.
    • Personal Defining Moments During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Ancestral Parallels 

      Howland, Kennedy (2020-09-02)
      Journal style entry of my defining experiences during the pandemic alongside a description of my ancestor and the similarities of our defining moments.
    • First Pains of COVID-19 

      Lima, Kaitlin (2020-09-05)
      In the early months of the pandemic, I experienced loss through second hand experiences as family friends passed away. Soon enough, I experienced the pain first hand as my grandmother passed right before Mother's Day. This ...
    • How Covid-19 has affected so many and the inspirational story of my Grandfather 

      Weed, Zorina (2020-09-05)
      My paper was about how Covid-19 affected my life personally and so many others. 2020 was a very painful year and I am so grateful that I had the support to get through it physically and mentally. My heart goes out to ...
    • 2020 

      Palissery, Jeslin (2020-09-06)
      This journal entry is about how my 2020 was affected by the pandemic and how everything changed.
    • Making the Best of a Hard Situation 

      Loftus, Katherine (2020-09-06)
      A different perspective on this hardships of the pandemic in comparison to previous generations.