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    • 2020 

      Palissery, Jeslin (2020-09-06)
      This journal entry is about how my 2020 was affected by the pandemic and how everything changed.
    • 2020 Was A S*** Show 

      Wall, Derrick (2020-11-27)
      2020 has been a rough year, for everyone that has hopefully lived through this year. To many truly despairing moments, and that takes a toll on the mental. I decided to put my feelings of what I went through, and many ...
    • 2020, America Revealed 

      Dehoyos, Toni (2020-12-10)
      The 2020 pandemic hit and a lot of things changed and thousands of people were against guidelines and mandates, turning a blind eye to something very serious. I was inspired to create a print for depicting America and ...
    • 2020: The Year We Stood Still 

      Garcia, Kaitlyn (2020-08-28)
      A personal narrative depicting the struggles that came with this year of 2020 but also the victories that flourished from it.
    • Better World 

      Pratt, Alexis (2021-02-14)
      Our interdisciplinary studies project
    • Big Decisions: A Multi-Generational Theme 

      Tuveson, McKenna (2021-02-09)
      Both me and my parents have had to take great leaps of faith to follow our dreams, not always knowing where they will take us.
    • Blankets to Masks 

      Brumblay, Cameron (2020-09-06)
      My mother is a nurse and during the height of the pandemic she made masks.
    • #BLM, What is #BLM? 

      Gorham, Charles (2020-12-02)
      My video is about the #BLM movement, its creation and ideals.
    • The Burning 

      Hernandez, Moises; Cano, Robert (2020-10-01)
      The intention of this poem was to give the reader a visceral description of what hate and anxiety can do to an individual. How it can manifest itself into this living breathing monster that only knows pain and suffering.
    • The Burning 

      Ingraham, Levi (2021-01-28)
      "The Burning" illustrates the hardships that arise from a lack of understanding, the consequences of insularity. Inspired by a poem of the same name, this musical piece is representative of the difficulties individuals ...
    • The Burning 

      Rosenstein, Micah (2021-02-12)
      I have composed a piece that derives from the emotions evoked from 'The Burning'. With this project I challenged myself to completely embody the overarching theme of the poem, as well as to capture the various tones displayed ...
    • Captured: Experiences Untold 

      Harmon, Kyla (2021-01-27)
      Historical events in my own and my ancestors life.
    • A change in history: COVID-19 and generational challenges 

      Corvera, Adriana (2021-01-23)
      In this assignment I demonstrate two different defining moments in both my life and my mothers life. While both have distinct stories and differences, each demonstrate the power determination has over one's life despite ...
    • Christian's Bleak 2020 

      Gray, Christian (2021-01-22)
      2020 was a bad year, I hope 2021 gets better
    • Coming Out: The Results of Loving Yourself 

      Garcia, Anthony (2021-02-13)
      My story is about a defining moment in my life, being coming out to my friends and family. I also talked about how my coming out story is much different than my cousins which went the complete opposite.
    • Cope: Dealing with the COVID-19 

      Sierra, Grecia (2020-11-30)
      I wanted to shift towards my journey of the first few weeks of this current pandemic. An event that will be remembered long after it has ended, much like other pandemics before it. I used my art to express the motions of ...
    • The COVID-19 Pandemic: My Story 

      Isbell, Cassie (2020-09-28)
      A look at how the COVID-19 Pandemic affected my family and myself during the first six months of this life-changing event.
    • The Crossroads of Green 

      Arizmendiz, Gloria (2021-02-13)
      Childhood of a Mexican girl
    • Dance: The Burning 

      Ward, Natalya; Hogan, Mackenzie; Oyler, Acacia (2021-05-05)
    • Dance: The Burning 2 

      Ward, Natalya; Hogan, Mackenzie; Oyler, Acacia (2021-05-05)