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  • Identification of Pd-Si Compounds in Diffusion Couple Studies to Complement AGR PIE reports 

    Stone, Jordan; Cavazos, Steven; Montoya, Katherine; Kirtley, Thomas; George, Gisele; Sooby, Elizabeth, S. (7/28/2022)
    Palladium (Pd) and silver (Ag) are known fission products of TRISO particle nuclear fuels [1]. Pd is known to corrode the silicon carbide (SiC) layer of a TRISO particle, which can compromise the overall fuel performance ...
  • Understanding of Additive Manufacturing with the Combination of the Flexible Manufacturing Process 

    Perkins, Briley; Ewuzie, Emmanuel; Aristizabal, Mauricio; Balcer, Matt; Millwater, Henry (7/28/2022)
    Additive Manufacturing is 3D printing which requires a set of repeating steps throughout the process. STL, or Standard Triangle Language, is the most important step in the printing process that allows the model to be ...
  • Additive Manufacturing & G Code 

    Ewuzie, Emmanuel; Perkins, Briley; Aristizabal, Mauricio; Balcer, Matthew; Millwater, Harry (7/28/2022)
    Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the process of building physical objects by layering materials. It is controlled by G code and a myriad of other codes. CAD models are sliced and converted into a layer by layer code (G Code). ...
  • Strategic Freezing 

    Seligman, Zachary; Patrick, David; Fernandez, Amanda (7/28/2022)
    Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are notoriously data-intensive, requiring significantly large datasets for training accurately in an appropriate runtime. Recent approaches aiming to reduce this requirement focus ...
  • Identifying Gamma Radiation Anomaly Signals Using Quantum Computation Methods 

    Foate, Joshua; Valdez, Luis; Alamaniotis, Miltos (7/28/2022)
    Collected data using a radiation detector to identify anomalies in the presence of naturally occurring radioactive material. Samples of the anomaly signals were put into a Hopfield neural network to train the network ...
  • Semantic Segmentation for Materials Classification of Nuclear Fuels 

    Mohanadhas, Daniel; Snyder, Chris; Fernandez, Amanda (7/28/2022)
    Semantic segmentation, the task of classifying objects in an image at a pixel level, has been done since 2012. While our method is not new, our application is. Unlike most tasks which are on clearly-defined objects, the ...
  • Probe Beam Deflection Technique as a Characterization Method for Nuclear Materials 

    Carle, Lydia; Escudero, Jose; Flowers, Jacob; Nash, Kelly (7/28/2022)
    Probe beam deflection technique (PBDT) was evaluated as a potential method of characterization for both radioactive and non radioactive materials. This method was chosen for its non destructive nature. The analyte of ...
  • Fabrication of mini UB2 ingots via Arc melt synthesis using a customized copper hearth 

    Facundo, Jesus, U; Montoya, Katherine; Kirtley, Thomas; Sooby, Elizabeth S. (7/28/2022)
    As growing efforts take place to enhance the operational safety of nuclear reactors, fuel composites have been explored as replacement to the traditionally used Uranium dioxide (UO2). One potential candidate that has been ...
  • My ‘Hair’itage 

    McKinney, Garland (5/9/2022)
    It is a girl’s first day at her new school, and she is challenged to fit in because of her unique appearance.
  • Love Grows 

    Harris, Sunny (5/10/2022)
    A caterpillar going through changes asks her mother a series of questions about life, love, and growing up. Her mother answers with bedtime stories like anecdotes that deal with race, gender, and sexuality both as personal ...
  • Pluto and Juno 

    Wang, Makayla (1/27/2022)
    The story explores two identical siblings who are unable to be set apart from one another and can be relational to children who are experiencing a sense of neglect within their upbringing. Thus, encouraging readers to ...
  • Riding with Abuelita 

    Gorham, Charles (5/10/2022)
    After failing to ride his bike, Eddie visits his grandma who encourages him to try again through stories of her life adventures.
  • Finding Our Hue 

    Gill, Abrianna (5/10/2022)
    Blue is faced with a choice: Follow their dreams and let down their parents, or follow their parents’ wishes and let down themselves. When different colors meet, will they collide, or mix to create a new hue?
  • A Knead to Belong 

    Zavaletta, Cat (5/10/2022)
    Batches of freshly, baked pastries come out of the oven. Many of the same. But, there is one that stands out amongst the rest. Will they ever find where their place?
  • Flowing Back to Me 

    Poole, Nicole (5/10/2022)
    A poetic picture book which details the journey of losing one’s inner child and the path back to recovery.
  • Rudy's Gift 

    Tomlinson, Noah (5/7/2022)
    Rudy finds adventure while pursuing for the perfect gift.
  • The Potential and Pitfalls of Collector Collaboration in Southeast Arizona 

    Wisenhunt, Mary E. (Advances in Archaeological Practice;Volume 10, Issue 1, 2021-12-06)
    In locales where much of the archaeological record has been destroyed or heavily impacted by pothunting and development, engaging with collector informants—including those who legally excavated sites on private property ...
  • Where Did That Sound Go? (1st place winner) 

    Esparza, Lemira (2022-04-04)
  • Applied Psychometrics (2nd place winner) 

    Valdes, Sara (2022-04-07)
    Citation for image: Barbash, E. (2017). THE REAL VALUE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING: IMPLICATIONS & MONETARY WORTH [Online Image]. Tampa Therapy. ...

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