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  • Front Matter 

    Morales, Bryan; López, Cristóbal; Garza, Catarina; Vasquez, Veronica; Chavez, Cindy (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
  • A Pilot Study Examining Ceramic Paste Fabrics at the Ancient Maya Site of Hun Tun in Northwestern Belize 

    DeMario, Jeffrey (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
    This article is a pilot study applying a petrographic analysis to ceramic body sherds from the ancient Maya site of Hun Tun, a hinterland site in northwestern Belize. The goal is to understand if there are multiple producer ...
  • Panoramas and Personas: Setting and Subject in Rania Matar’s Photographic Works 

    Walker, Hannah (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
    In this research paper, I have investigated photographer Rania Matar’s usage of the physical landscape, natural and/or artificial, in combination with the physical bodies of her subjects, to create dialogue with the viewer ...
  • Monstrous: The Grotesque, Abject, and Monstrous in “The Husband Stitch 

    Fisher, Samantha (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
    This literary analysis of Carmen Maria Machado’s “The Husband Stitch” reinterprets women who exist outside patriarchal prescripts. The bildungsroman narrative follows an unnamed woman who struggles with the slow decline ...
  • African Identity and the African Diaspora: The Genetic Impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade 

    Beckelheimer, Teresa (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
    Africans enslaved during the transatlantic slave trade not only lost their families, their friends, their homes, they also lost their identity. Forced onto ships in tight quarters, these men and women of Africa were stripped ...
  • Technological Reshaping of Traditional Museum Roles: Digitization and the Emergence of Virtual Museums in the Age of COVID-19 

    Irizarry, Miranda (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
    Museums constantly conduct research to learn how they can become more efficient educators and increase engagement with their visitors. These institutions have adapted and many have created ways in which visitors can use ...
  • La educación en la comunidad hispana durante el COVID-19 

    Juárez, Ana María; Mejía-Vázquez, Yedid (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
    En este trabajo se exponen datos cualitativos sobre la educación en la comunidad hispana en San Antonio, Texas durante el COVID-19. El enfoque se entorna en las experiencias vividas de los profesores y alumnos durante la ...
  • Revolutionary Lexicon: A Pragmatics Study and Discourse Analysis of Two Riot Grrrl Manifestos 

    Zamora, Layla (Beyond Boundaries, 2021)
    Although the United States public and mainstream media scrutinized and oversimplified the music and iconography of the Riot Grrrl movement, there is much to be desired concerning linguistics analyses of two notable Riot ...
  • How Covid-19 has affected so many and the inspirational story of my Grandfather 

    Weed, Zorina (2020-09-05)
    My paper was about how Covid-19 affected my life personally and so many others. 2020 was a very painful year and I am so grateful that I had the support to get through it physically and mentally. My heart goes out to ...
  • Defining Moments 

    Borges, Maria E Pabon (2020-09-28)
    How covid 19 has impact me and created a defining moment in my life.
  • Blankets to Masks 

    Brumblay, Cameron (2020-09-06)
    My mother is a nurse and during the height of the pandemic she made masks.
  • 2020 

    Palissery, Jeslin (2020-09-06)
    This journal entry is about how my 2020 was affected by the pandemic and how everything changed.
  • An Unforgettable Year: 2020 

    Marquez, Andrea J. (2020-09-26)
    "An Unforgettable Year: 2020" is about the way 2020 affected me and family/friends. The year I graduated high school turned so dark, with a virus that killed at least 4 million people worldwide today. Not only did we go ...
  • Trials Transform 

    Purifoy, Cameron (2020-09-20)
    This piece helped students dream and still continue to express how we have been dealing with he hardships of school-social life during the pandemic. The paragraph sums up my sophomore-junior year of college a very challenging ...
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic: My Story 

    Isbell, Cassie (2020-09-28)
    A look at how the COVID-19 Pandemic affected my family and myself during the first six months of this life-changing event.
  • Life As I Knew It 

    Piering, Taylor (2020-08-30)
    This essay is about looking inward and to the past for confirmation that everything is going to be okay in one of the darkest years of my life.
  • Persistent Hope 

    Patterson, Bleah (2021-10-26)
    How Covid has impacted our lives but how we remain hopeful for the future even still.
  • Data Analysis of QMS Data During UN Oxidation 

    Williams, Brandon L. (2021-07-30)
    QMS data was obtained of the oxidation of uranium mononitride (UN) in 31.7% steam at high temperatures. The data was treated to account for instrument noise and obfuscated signals due to ions sharing the same signal. The ...
  • Dance: The Burning 2 

    Ward, Natalya; Hogan, Mackenzie; Oyler, Acacia (2021-05-05)

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