A Compilation of Digital Audio Signal Processing Techniques and Implementations in Real-time along with a Modified and Weighted Convolution Effect




Wilson, Daniel P.

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Digital Audio Signal Processing is most often used as a tool not to enhance or preserve audio signal quality, but to add artistic modifications and unique sounds to the audio signals. A detailed state of the art of current audio effects is covered in Chapters -8, along with practical real-time implementations of each effect through the use of digital recording software. Audio examples of each effect are provided through the use of an extraction algorithm provided at the end of this paper. After providing a thorough history of various categories of audio effects, a new and intriguing audio effect is introduced in Chapter 9 that is created through circular distortions of convolution that create harmonics in the audio signal. The methodology and implications of such a modified and weighted convolution effect are outlined and discussed. Lastly the effect is applied to various audio signals in order to determine the implications of the effect on different instruments and to also provide suggested uses.


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Audio, Convolution, Effect, Real-Time, Recording



Electrical and Computer Engineering