Liberating hidden voices: a feminist action study to empower unsheltered homeless women




Speedlin, Stacy Lynn

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Homelessness is prevalent in the United States (Weinreb and Buckner, 1993; U.S. Housing Urban Development, 2010; Nyamathi, Leake, & Gelberg, 2000). Within the homeless population in the United States, women are the fastest growing group (Arangua, Anderson, & Gelberg, 2005). Additionally, women are over-represented among homeless families (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, 2010) and are under-represented in society and in homeless studies. This is a qualitative, feminist action research study (Maquire, 1996). This study examined the experiences of homeless women and their service needs. The purpose of this study was to understand the experience of homeless women; to gain better knowledge of what their homeless lifestyle entails. Additionally, I attempted to understand the experience these women have with accessing shelter services; to discover what recommendations can be made to enhance access to services. The context of this study took place in San Antonio, Texas at Prospects Court Yard (PCY), an outdoor program classified as a Safe Sleeping Encampment (U.S. Housing Urban Development, 2014).


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counseling, feminism, homeless women, homelessness, women's issues, women's policies