El renacer de maestras bilingües: Actualizing cultural efficaciousness




Garcia, Claudia Treviño

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This study focused attention on three constructs as they relate to bilingual education teachers’ (BETs) dispositions working with culturally and linguistically diverse students (CLDS). The three constructs are sociocultural consciousness, affirming advocacy, and culturally responsive teaching. The quantitative data was collected via a Likert-based scale called the Culturally Efficacious Educator Scale ([CEES]; García, 2010). The CEES measured teachers’ self-reported dispositions in the aforementioned constructs. These dispositions were also communicated during their open-ended responses on the scale and further verified in the two case studies and interviews with the two BETs.

The purpose of the mixed-methods dissertation study was to examine practicing bilingual education teachers’ dispositions, which work with culturally and linguistically diverse students, in particular bilingual learners (BLs), and to observe the types of pedagogical practices they employ. One goal was to identify if any of these practices have a positive impact as demonstrated by students’ academic and linguistic development.


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Affirming Advocay, Bilingual Education, Cultural Efficacy, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Professional Development, Sociocultural Awareness



Bicultural-Bilingual Studies