Global Environmental Governance Agency: A Relational Analysis of Local Level REDD+ Actors In Mexico




Giles, Chelsea P.

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Climate change demands urgent action from global environmental governance, and local level actors are essential to the implementation and success of global environmental initiatives. However, there is little research on the local level and how local actors emerge as global environmental agents. Relationalism could provide new insight into how local level actors are delegated global environmental agency. REDD+ in Mexico offers an ideal case study to explore how global environmental agency is relationally delegated from international and national level agents to local level actors through recognition and participation. This master's thesis theorizes the concept of agency as relational and conducts an empirical relational analysis of delegated agency to local REDD+ actors in Mexico.


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Agency, Global Environmental Governance, Mexico, REDD+, Relationalism, Agency delegation, Local actors, Reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation



Political Science and Geography