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Parrott, Mackenzie Powell

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This graduate recital document provides scholarly research related to the pieces that will be performed on the author's graduate voice recital. In the first chapter, I will explore the compositional and poetic styles of Francis Poulenc and Max Jacob in the song set Cinq poémes de Max Jacob, and how these two artists contributed to the overall zeitgeist and artistic aesthetic of Modernist Paris. The second chapter will discuss the cultural-political atmosphere during Mahler's lifetime, the German Nationalistic voice and his music, the complexities of his song settings from Des Knaben Wunderhorn, and a short examination of three of the songs. The third chapter begins with a brief history of Juliana Hall's life, which will lead to an examination of her compositional style and techniques. I will close with her portrayal of Emily Dickinson's poetry in the three songs I am performing from the set Upon This Summer's Day, and some performance considerations for the songs. In the final chapter, I will explore elements of "L'amerò sarò costante" including Mozart's use of traditional aria form, examine his expert compositional techniques, and discuss how Aminta's character is defined and musically reinforced within this aria.


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Francis Poulenc, Gustav Mahler, Juliana Hall, Recital Document, W.A. Mozart