Verification and modification a program for calculating the area of intersection of a cone and voxel




Ting, Chun-Hsiu

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Previously, to investigate the informational content of Compton camera data, a program was written to calculate the area of intersection of a cone with a voxel. In writing the program, an existing subroutine was modified and used. However in doing this modification, no effort was made to improve the portion of the original code that was unchanged. Moreover, little effort was made to verify that the overall program worked correctly. The main objective of this thesis is to verify the performance of the overall program and improve the unchanged code of the modified subroutine. To verify the performance of the overall program, a new program was written to display a voxel-wise image of the cones created by the overall program. These images verified that the overall program was, in fact, working correctly. To improve the subroutine, the logic of the unchanged code was improved. The new logic was verified and was seen to be working correctly. However, it was determined that this improvement had a negligible impact on the performance of the overall program.


The author has granted permission for their work to be available to the general public.


cone, intersection, siddon, voxel



Electrical and Computer Engineering