Towards verifiable privacy policy compliance of an actor-based electronic medical record system: an extension to the HAPL language focused on exposing a user interface




MacGahan, Thomas

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In view of ongoing privacy concerns in various fields, it is desirable to have a language that is able to make enforceable guarantees about the privacy of users and the flow of information. HAPL, the History Aware Programming Language, exists to address this concern but is incomplete. In order to advance the state of HAPL, an extended version of the language is presented and it is shown that implementation of a prototype electronic medical records system can be implemented in it and executed. The language is extended with UI functionality whereas prior to this work, HAPL did not have any way to describe input and output, and there was no way for producing a complete running system from a HAPL program. This thesis describes extensions to the language to allow construction of a UI by taking advantage of the Scala Lift framework, and work done to interpret HAPL code to produce a runtime consisting of Scala Akka actors. This thesis further describes the use of this extended version of HAPL to create a prototype electronic medical record system which demonstrates how several important use cases can be handled. Finally, this thesis reports experiments that assess the performance of the new HAPL runtime, and concludes that adequate performance for an example electronic medical records system is indicated.


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Domain Specific Language, HAPL, Language Implementation, Privacy Policy Enforcement, Scala



Computer Science