Empowering nonsmokers to advocate nicotine-replacement therapy to smokers




Blessing, Alexis

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Smokers' naïve misconceptions on the safety of nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) and other forms of smoking cessation have been shown to hinder use and adherence. To dispel these misconceptions and promote the use of NRT, this study provided information on the safety of NRT to college students in either one of two forms: refutation text or scientific evidence in the form of journal abstracts. The author hypothesized participants would find the refutation more convincing that the abstracts, and as a result would display higher willingness and self-efficacy in recommending NRT to a smoking friend. The results confirm the first hypothesis, however ratings on willingness and perceived self-efficacy were not found to be significantly different across groups. While the current study has limitations, it adds to the literature on dispelling NRT misconceptions and calls researchers to further investigate the merits of refutation text as tool for conceptual change.


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False Beliefs, Health Literacy, Misconceptions, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Refutation Text, Smoking Cessation