Software defined radio as a cloud application




Yerrapragada, Anil Kumar

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In recent times, there has been an explosion in the number of mobile devices in the world and it is continuing to grow at a tremendous rate. There is an immediate need to move forward into the fifth generation of communications where capacity and speed increase multifold. To achieve this, the key factors to be investigated are spectrum efficiency and densification of networks. The world of cloud computing holds a great degree of promise in terms of being able to coordinate and optimize such ultra-dense networks. One key proposal is to move all the functions in the radio protocol stack into the cloud, leaving only RF transmission to happen at the base stations. Many cells can be connected to the cloud and the benefits of centralized processing can be reaped. In this project the first step towards migration to the cloud, which is to develop a robust software defined physical layer implementation for over the air transmissions, is taken up.


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5G, Cloud, GNU Radio, Software Defined Radio



Electrical and Computer Engineering