Investigations of the archaeological landscape of Cibolo Preserve




Hamilton, Joshua Thomas

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This thesis examines the archaeological landscape of the 620 acre property of Cibolo Preserve located in southern Kendall County, near the community of Boerne, Texas. A geographic survey was conducted to record the physical features of the property using a GPS unit. A geodatabase was created containing the geographic data and cultural features of the preserve. A cultural survey was conducted throughout the project area. Site 41KE123 was selected for subsurface testing and excavation. A total of 42 shovel test units and seven excavation units were excavated within the site. The results of this research identified ten prehistoric sites, eight historic sites, and two multiple component undocumented archaeological sites. In addition, the nine documented archaeological sites established from previous surveys were revisited and updated. Subsurface testing and excavation of site 41KE123 revealed that the site was most likely used as a middle stage lithic reduction site. This interpretation is based on the analysis conducted on the lithic assemblage collected from the site.


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Cibolo Preserve, Texas archaeology