The Development of Leadership Excellence and Global Cultural Intelligence




Wengelnik, Cate

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Leadership constructs and leadership development efforts have undergone drastic changes in the last few years. While traditional curricular college leadership development programs on the undergraduate level have focused on top-to-bottom leadership approaches, new, innovative leadership development programs have been incorporated into the management curriculum at some institutions of higher education. The purpose of this qualitative multiple case study was to understand how Senior Business undergraduate students at one research institution of higher education in Texas understand leadership. The research questions for this study were: How do Business college students understand and discuss leadership? In what ways has leadership manifested from the students’ experiences? In this context, student participants who demonstrated leadership experience in- or outside of their educational journey who were in their senior year at the College of Business were included in this study. These student participants were classified as emerging leaders with experience of various leadership constructs in the classroom environment and through on-campus or off-campus leadership engagements. Research data were obtained through semi-structured in-depth interviews and student reflective journals. The findings produced four themes: The participants’ individual leadership practices have been influenced through their environment growing up; the participants’ personality traits have enabled them to succeed as leaders; inclusive leadership practices were grounded in all participant’s leadership philosophy and learning journey as emerging leaders; and the participants understand inclusive leadership in correlation to global cultural intelligence on high-performance teams.


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Cultural Intelligence, Global, High-Performance Teams, Leadership



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies