La Patrona: The Lived Experiences of Latina Superintendents/Assistant Superintendents in the South Texas Border Region




Miranda, Roxanne

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This qualitative study highlights the lived experiences of Latina superintendents/assistant superintendents who successfully navigated the educational system to ascend to their respective positions. Their life stories are shared through the form of pláticas. This research uses Latino Critical Race Theory as the theoretical framework. The qualitative research is guided by the following question: What are the experiences of Latinas who ascended to the superintendents/assistant superintendent positions in the South Texas border region? The findings suggest that despite the obstacles and barriers the women from this study encountered; they were able to overcome these barriers and obstacles to reach the positions that they are in. They, however, did not do this alone. They each identified a social support system that helped them navigate the educational system to the leadership position they are in. The Latinas in this study displayed self-confidence and resiliency and kept their obligation to students a priority.


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latina, leadership, superintendents, texas



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies