Knowledge of content and teaching (KCT) constructed by prospective mathematics teachers during a methods course

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dc.description.abstractThis study observes the Knowledge of Content and Teaching (KCT) that prospective mathematics teachers (PMTs) construct during an undergraduate middle level (grades 4 through 8) mathematics methodology course. KCT is "Mathematical knowledge that interacts with the design of instruction" (Ball et al, 2008, p. 9). Data for this study included concept maps, journal entries and a final exam essay constructed during a required teacher education course. Two main research questions frame the work of this dissertation: 1) What Knowledge of with students through field experiences; however, the study collects data prior to Content and Teaching (KCT) do prospective mathematics teachers construct during a mathematics methods course? 2) What course experiences do prospective mathematics teachers relate to their construction of KCT? Content analysis was used for the study's methodological design and data analysis process. Constant comparison was used within content analysis to develop codes, categories and themes in order to answer the research questions. There were two key results: 1) the value of vision setting and 2) the restructuring of Ball and colleagues Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) framework. This study presents evidence of PMTs construction process of KCT during an undergraduate education methodology course. Understanding the knowledge constructed during this course can help to identify its function in preparing teachers with the KCT required for teaching. Teacher education needs to prepare PMTs with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve mathematical proficiency as defined by the K-12 standards. To achieve this aspiration, prospective teachers need training that enables them to unite their mathematical content knowledge in the context of teaching. The design of the course, knowledge constructed, and reflections of the prospective teachers will help inform future teacher education practices regarding KCT.
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dc.subjectKnowledge of Content and Teaching
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dc.subject.lcshMathematics teachers -- Training of
dc.titleKnowledge of content and teaching (KCT) constructed by prospective mathematics teachers during a methods course
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