Remote laboratory for dielectric measurement system




Mehta, Krati

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The Future research activities are leading towards the laboratory experimentation through the international partnerships. As a result the remote experimental labs could be highly rewarding for enhancing the international collaborative research. The thesis deals with remote access to a real laboratory --- Multifunctional Electronic Materials and Devices Research Lab (MEMDRL) at the University of Texas San Antonio. The LABVIEW based approach used for creating the environment that will enable a user to perform the dielectric and other electronic properties measurement experiment and control the system remotely is investigated in this thesis. The Remote Lab can make the dielectric measurement systems available to the students and any researchers from the partnership group round the clock from any Internet accessible facilities. In addition to that, the instructors can also demonstrate the experiments remotely to explain the course concepts in the classrooms at partner facilities. The cost effective and comparatively secure approach is given for the remote lab access with the visual system implementations. Architecture and characteristics of MEMDRL-Remote Lab is described with a real time demonstration.


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Electrical and Computer Engineering