A Comparative Analysis of Two Latin American Anti-Femicide Movements: #NiUnaMenos and #UnDíaSinNosotras




Morales, Lydia

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In Mexico and Argentina, two anti-femicide movements known as #NiUnaMenos and #UnDíaSinNosotras have risen in response to the recent high femicide rates within the region. Both movements originated on the social media platform Twitter, and have since produced large protests and demonstrations. The aim of this study is to uncover differences between both movements, and to find out whether or not national history and past activism influences these differences. I review two major historical events in Mexico and Argentina that greatly impacted women, and the feminist activism that arose from these events. To test the influence these events may have had on the movements, I conduct quantitative text mining methods to uncover textual patterns and term frequency within tweets collected from the hashtags. At the end of the study, I find that historical events are not directly mentioned in the two hashtags, yet there is evidence that the movements were influenced by past feminist activism in Argentina and Mexico.


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Argentina, Femicide, History, Mexico, Social Activism, Social Movements



Political Science and Geography