Mitigating Time-Delay Problems with Cloud-Based Networked Controlled UGVs




Nelson, James

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Many of the problems with using cloud for robotic control revolve around the stochastic and non-instantaneous nature of when the commands are issued and received. The researched enclosed pertains to regularization of these command timings, mitigating effects of time delays, and minimizing the time delays involved. The proposed scenario is one of multiple UGVs tracking targets and driving to goals. To mitigate the effects of time delay and packet loss in the networked control system, network parameters are estimated to inform the employed model predictive control algorithms. To further mitigate said effects, the efficacy of adopting a cloud-edge model for computation is discussed along with the deployment of an application placement controller.


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Cloud Computing, Network Control Systems, Nonlinear Model Predictive Control



Electrical and Computer Engineering