Logical enzyme triggered (LET) layer-by-layer nanocapsules for drug delivery system




Kelley, Marie-Michelle

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Breast cancer is the second leading cause of morbidity and mortality among women in the United States. Early detection and treatment methods have resulted in 100% 5-year survival rates for stage 0-I breast cancer. Unfortunately, the 5-year survival rate of metastatic breast cancer (stage IV) is reduced fivefold. The most challenging issues of metastatic breast cancer treatment are the ability to selectively target the adenoma and adenocarcinoma cells both in their location of origin and as they metastasize following initial treatment. Multilayer/Layer-by-Layer (LbL) nanocapsules have garnered vast interest as anticancer drug delivery systems due to their ability to be easily modified, their capacity to encapsulate a wide range of chemicals and proteins, and their improved pharmacokinetics. Multilayer nanocapsule formation requires the layering of opposing charged polyelectrolytic polymers over a removable core nanoparticle.

Our goal is to have a programmable nanocapsules degrade only after receiving and validating specific breast cancer biomarkers. The overall objective is to fabricate a novel programmable LbL nanocapsule with a specific logical system that will enhance functions pertinent to drug delivery systems. Our central hypothesis is that LbL technology coupled with extracellular matrix (ECM) protein substrates will result in a logical enzyme triggered LbL nanocapsule drug delivery system. This platform represents a novel approach toward a logically regulated nano-encapsulated cancer therapy that can selectively follow and deliver chemotherapeutics to cancer cells. The rationale for this project is to overcome a crucial limitation of existing drug delivery systems where chemotherapeutic can be erroneously delivered to non-carcinogenic cells.


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Calcium carbonate nanoparticle, Drug delivery systems, Enzyme Triggered, Layer-by-Layer nanocapsule, Matrix Metalloproteinase, Protein encapsulation



Biomedical Engineering