Modeling Parameters and Confinement Length Requirements for Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Structures




Vafaeihosseini, Ehsan

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This dissertation includes three essays addressing areas of seismic assessment and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures. The research presented in the first essay resulted in a new relationship between spalling length and geometric and detailing properties of reinforced concrete columns. The study utilized digital image and statistical analyses to estimate the expected spalling length, and to make recommendations for revisions to the ACI 318-19 Building Code for minimum length of closely-spaced transverse reinforcement and for minimum length of confinement in retrofitted columns.

The research presented in second essay provides new nonlinear modeling parameters for reinforced concrete beams. It presents a new equations to calculate modeling parameters and acceptance criteria for reinforced concrete beams to be used in nonlinear analysis procedures. The outcomes of this research support change proposals for nonlinear modeling parameters of existing structures using ACI 369.1, and for new construction using ACI 374.3, which is the basis for Appendix A in the ACI 318 Building Code.

The third essay presents new equations for acceptance criteria for reinforced concrete beams to be used in linear analysis procedures according to ACI 369.1 and ASCE 41. The acceptance criteria equations, developed using regression analysis of test data, represent an improvement over those is ACI 369.1-22 because they provide improved accuracy and are not dependent on the calculated deformation at yield, which was found to be problematic during the balloting of ACI 369.1-22.


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Civil and Environmental Engineering