On the Application of K-User MIMO for 6G Enhanced Mobile Broadband




Yerrapragada, Anil Kumar
Kelley, Brian

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This paper presents a high-throughput wireless access framework for future 6G networks. This framework, known as K-User MIMO, facilitates all-to-all communication between K access points and K mobile devices. For such a network, we illustrate the demodulation of K2 independent data streams through a new interference cancellation beamforming algorithm that improves spectral efficiency compared to massive MIMO. The paper derives a multi-user Shannon Capacity formula for K-User MIMO when K is greater than or equal to 3. We define an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) frame structure that demonstrates the allocation of time-frequency resources to pilot signals for channel estimation. The capacity formula is then refined to include realistic pilot overheads. We determine a practical upper-bound for MIMO array sizes that balances estimation overhead and throughput. Lastly, simulation results show the practical capacity in small cell geometries under Rayleigh Fading conditions, with both perfect and realistic channel estimation.



beyond-5G, 6G, MIMO, interference alignment, K-User MIMO, OFDM


Sensors 20 (21): 6252 (2020)


Electrical and Computer Engineering