Lessons in Art Curriculum and Pedagogy: Impacts of the Pandemic Year and Beyond




Rodriguez, Nora E.

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The goal of this collective case study was to understand the impact of the pandemic on the curriculum and pedagogy of visual arts educators, looking specifically at the unique challenges faced in the discipline and the ways in which teachers adapted their practice for student success. The findings of the study suggest that teachers initially struggled with virtual instruction preparedness and difficulties related to the physical nature of art media. The findings also demonstrate that educators went to great lengths to modify curriculum, focus on student needs, and Rehumanize (Torres, 2020) online environments to nurture creative connections. The results of this study suggest that strengthening the district and community networks for visual arts educators would better prepare them to face the unexpected, that there is a need for professional development and mental health attention to reconcile the stress of the last few years, and that technology should be embraced by the visual arts as both a media tool and as a means of access.


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Art Education, Curriculum, Pandemic, Pedagogy



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching