The role of spirituality in the decisions and actions of Latino principals

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dc.contributor.authorReyes, Daniel M.
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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this phenomenological multiple case study is to understand the role that spirituality plays in the leadership of Latino principals, who serve in an urban school setting. The research question guiding this study is: What are the self-perceptions of Latino educational leaders regarding the role of spirituality in their actions and decisions? This study has two purposes: examine the role of spirituality in leadership and administration among Latino leaders in an urban district and contribute to the literature addressing the relationship between spirituality and leadership in education. The research methodology for this phenomenological, qualitative multiple case study consisted of in-depth interviews. Associate superintendents were approached and asked to identify candidates that are predisposed to practicing spirituality. Two associate superintendents returned the nomination form and identified three candidates that they felt best met the characteristic of spirituality. The results of this study indicate that these school principals conceptualize spirituality in their daily actions and decisions. Their spirituality is rooted in their personal experiences, beliefs and values, along with a deep sense of mission and calling. Focusing their mission and calling on pursuing a educational career in their same childhood neighborhoods, these principals utilize critical spirituality, comprised of 1) critical reflection, 2) deconstructive interpretation, 3) performance creativity, and 4) transformative action to negotiate, manage, and transform their learning environment.
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dc.subject.lcshHispanic American school principals -- Religious life
dc.subject.lcshHispanic American school principals -- Attitudes
dc.subject.lcshMiddle school principals -- Religious life
dc.subject.lcshMiddle school principals -- Attitudes
dc.subject.lcshEducational leadership
dc.titleThe role of spirituality in the decisions and actions of Latino principals
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