An Overview of the Technology Use in Iraqi EFL Classrooms: Lessons Learned, Challenges to Overcome




Algarawi, Hassan

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This study covered the topic of technology adoption by Iraqi EFL classrooms between 2003 and 2021. Iraq is one of the first Middle Eastern countries to have very basic technology use but never upgraded it. The current study explored the adoption of technology for language learning because technology became a powerful tool for language learning. This research investigated the reasons that prevented Iraq from developing technology and using it to enhance foreign language learning. Researchers provide some recommendations to overcome the challenges that Iraqi education suffers from. This current study also provided some recommendations as well to resolve some of the challenges found throughout the research. For example, this study discusses suggestions such as applying blended learning, using authentic speaking, using social media tools, training educators and showing the advantages of technology to both teachers and students. Also, teachers and students' attitudes were explored to see their readiness for technology integration. Iraq was forced to adopt e-learning throughout the spread of COVID-19 and some of the studies were explored and cited in this current study. The pandemic has helped the English language teaching field around the world to overcome some of the challenges; thus, Iraqi classrooms can also benefit from the new good practices of e-learning.


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Technology adoption, Iraqi classrooms, Blended learning, Advantages of technology



Bicultural-Bilingual Studies