Recital document and Spanish lyric diction manual




Delperdang, Anamaría G.

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The first portion of this paper is dedicated to the historical, biographical and musical analysis of the graduate recital given by Anamaría Delperdang. It provides unique insights into the music, poetry and performance of the selected works. It is offered to provide a more comprehensive view of the relevance and importance of the works presented. The second portion is a comprehensive manual of Spanish lyric diction. It will include a study of Castilian Spanish and its variations in Mexico and Cuba. Current research in this field is limited, and the few sources considered to be credible are often not in agreement about the proper pronunciation and diction used to perform music in Spanish. For this reason, the performing classical singer, voice teacher, and diction professor are at a loss for an authoritative Spanish lyric diction manual to enhance their performance and study. This manual will add authenticity to performances of Spanish music by providing diction rules, IPA transcriptions, word stress and grammar, applications of poetic text to music, language nuances, and pronunciations of Spanish dialects used in Mexico and Cuba.


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Diction, Lyric, Recital, Spanish