Family Firm Internationalization Motives and Outcomes

dc.contributor.advisorXu, Kai
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Siang-Ru Lulu
dc.contributor.committeeMemberCardy, Robert L.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberKhanna, Poonam
dc.contributor.committeeMemberDaspit, Joshua J.
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dc.description.abstractMy dissertation focuses on the impact of institutional environment and family dynamics on the motives as well as outcomes of family firm internationalization. My dissertation includes three studies. My first study examines the influences of generational difference on family firm internationalization. This study proposes that second-generation family firms are less likely to invest in internationalization than first or later generations. Owing to the pressure from both family and nonfamily members, the second generation suffers more from the dilemma of diverting the focus from business to family issues than the other generations do. The dilemma thus discourages the second generation to engage in expanding the family business overseas. The second study theoretically compares the two competing forces of geopolitical conflict avoidance and resource-seeking motivation in predicting Taiwanese family firms' foreign direct investment in China. The findings show that under the increasing pressure of resource constraints, Taiwanese firms with higher level of family ownership are more likely to invest in China to overcome such domestic resource constraints. Unlike major studies focusing on the outcome of internationalization, the third study of my dissertation provides an overview of internationalization motives by conducting a systematic review to analyze the gap between family-centered non-economic goals, such as maintaining family harmony, family social status, and family identity linkage, and the motives of family firm internationalization.
dc.format.extent156 pages
dc.subjectFamily firm
dc.subjectDirect investment
dc.subjectNon-economic goals
dc.subjectFamily ownership
dc.subjectResource constraints
dc.subject.classificationIndividual & family studies
dc.titleFamily Firm Internationalization Motives and Outcomes
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