A theoretical model of family dysfunction with coping and codependency




Horner, Mandie

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Current research suggests that dysfunctional family systems have a direct impact on the formation of a coping style. Research also proposes that within a dysfunctional family system there are different strategies of coping that will exist. Although there is a limited amount of research that has been established, it is important to make the connection between dysfunctional families, the coping that occurs, within the context of a dysfunctional family system and whether a codependent is established within the family structure. Data were collected from college students to evaluate a theoretical model that connects dysfunctional family variables, codependency variables, and whether these relationships are mediated by coping. The model results revealed that coping did not mediate the relationship between the family functioning variables and the codependency variables. Instead, results suggested that family worries may be the best predictor of one's need to control, which eventually predicted codependency.


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codependency, coping, family dysfunction