Gold nanoring trimers: a versatile structure for infrared sensing




Teo, Siew Lang
Lin, Vivian Kaixin
Marty, Renaud
Large, Nicolas
Alarcon Llado, Esther
Arbouet, Arnaud
Girard, Christian
Aizpurua, Javier
Tripathy, Sudhiranjan
Mlayah, Adnen

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In this work we report on the observation of surface plasmon properties of periodic arrays of gold nanoring trimers fabricated by electron beam lithography. It is shown that the localized surface plasmon resonances of such gold ring trimers occur in the infrared spectral region and are strongly influenced by the nanoring geometry and their relative positions. Based on numerical simulations of the optical extinction spectra and of the electric near-field intensity maps, the resonances are assigned to surface plasmon states arising from the strong intra-trimer electromagnetic interaction. We show that the nanoring trimer configuration allows for generating infrared surface plasmon resonances associated with strongly localized electromagnetic energy, thus providing plasmonic nanoresonators well-suited for sensing and surface enhanced near-infrared Raman spectroscopy.


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Teo, S. L., Lin, V. K., Marty, R., Large, N., Alarcon Llado, E., Arbouet, A., . . . Mlayah, A. (2010). Gold nanoring trimers: a versatile structure for infrared sensing. Optics Express, 18(21), 22271-22282. doi:10.1364/OE.18.022271


Physics and Astronomy