Communicating with a different purpose: A study of 4 th grade bilingual students' dialogue journals




Nunez, Idalia

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The purpose of this study was to explore students' writings. This was a qualitative, multiple case study that addressed the following question: What writing patterns demonstrated students" understanding of ongoing communication via dialogue journals? This research study took place in a fourth grade bilingual classroom in the southwest region of Texas. The participants included four students that were purposefully selected for this study. Data sources used for this research were: dialogue journals, Writing Attitude Survey, written reflections, and researcher-reflection log. After 10 weeks of data collection, data was analyzed using topic coding, analytical coding, and cross-case analysis. The findings demonstrated that students implemented writing patterns that demonstrated their understanding of communication. Two students communicated with the purpose of dialogue and the other two students communicated with the purpose of sharing.


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bilingual, communication, dialogue, dialogue journals, purpose, writing



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching