The Effect of Acid Treatment on Fibroblast Cell Proliferation and Mechanical Strength on Chitosan Hydrogels




Fawson, Joshua J.

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The periodontal ligament is an essential part of the oral mucosa and around 40% of U.S. adults suffer from some type of periodontitis. This periodontitis attacks the periodontal ligament (PDL) and can cause significant dental problems, even up to tooth loss, if left untreated. With all the many advancements in dental care there is still no truly effective way to regenerate the damage done by periodontitis. This study's aim is to test different formulation of chitosan hydrogel to see if they would make an effective scaffolding material for PDL regeneration. In this study five different acid treatments are used to prepare chitosan hydrogels. The materials and methods are described for their production. Of the five acid treatments two are chosen to undergo further testing, both mechanical and biological. The mechanical characteristics of the materials are testing through linear tensile measurements. The hydrophobicity of three of the materials is measured by testing the swelling ratio. Biological tests are done in vitro with fibroblast cell cultures with alamarBlue® Assay at four different times to ascertain cell growth. The tensile strength of the materials is also tested at the same intervals to elucidate the degradation characteristics of the materials. Statistical evaluation of the cell proliferation is made. As a result of this study it is recommended that chitosan hydrogel, treated with acetic acid undergo further cellular and mechanical testing to further understand its feasibility as a PDL scaffolding material.


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Acetic Acid, Acid Treatement, Chitosan, Fibroblasts, Hydrogel, Periodontal Ligament



Electrical and Computer Engineering