Improving Road Safety during Nocturnal Hours by Characterizing Animal Poses Utilizing CNN-Based Analysis of Thermal Images




Mowen, Derian
Munian, Yuvaraj
Alamaniotis, Miltiadis

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Animal–vehicle collision is a common danger on highways, especially during nighttime driving. Its likelihood is affected not only by the low visibility during nighttime hours, but also by the unpredictability of animals' actions when a vehicle is nearby. Extensive research has shown that the lack of visibility during nighttime hours can be addressed using thermal imaging. However, to our knowledge, little research has been undertaken on predicting animal action through an animal's specific poses while a vehicle is moving. This paper proposes a new system that couples the use of a two-dimensional convolutional neural network (2D-CNN) and thermal image input, to determine the risk imposed by an animal in a specific pose to a passing automobile during nighttime hours. The proposed system was tested using a set of thermal images presenting real-life scenarios of animals in specific poses on the roadside and was found to classify animal poses accurately in 82% of cases. Overall, it provides a valuable basis for implementing an automotive tool to minimize animal–vehicle collisions during nighttime hours.



2D convolutional neural network, animal–vehicle collision, thermal imaging, animal action prediction, pose detection, nocturnal


Sustainability 14 (19): 12133 (2022)


Electrical and Computer Engineering