Analytical study of the behavior of beams reinforced with high strength reinforcing bars




Mandadi, Shilpi

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This thesis reviews the analytical research on shear behavior with attention paid to the behavior of beams with higher yield strength (fy) of 830MPa and higher compressive strength (ƒ'c) of 98.8MPa to members controlled by flexure. All the mathematical and analytical calculations are done using the ACI and AASHTO LRFD codes. The types of bars used are A706 and A1035. The main focus of this study is to use ASTM A1035 reinforcing steel since it captures behavioral aspects of high yield strength and high compressive strength. The project identified aspects of reinforced concrete design and of the AASHTO LRFD specifications that may be affected by the use of high strength reinforcing steel. Design issues were prioritized and an integrated and analytical program was designed to develop the data required to permit the integration of high strength reinforcement in design. This program included analytical studies to validate existing ACI and LRFD provisions when applied to high strength reinforcing steel.


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Civil and Environmental Engineering