Super-mujeres: a narrative inquiry of Latina assistant superintendents in south central Texas




Vela, Venus R.

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The superintendent must create a vision at all levels of the organization (Black, 2007) so that internal and external players can work towards achieving common goals and outcomes (Bolman & Deal, 2003) that will ultimately equate to student success. Nevertheless, the lack of Latina superintendents remains a continuing professional concern. The purpose of this study was to explore the lived experiences of three Latina assistant superintendents in South Central Texas as they navigated their way through the process of obtaining a superintendent position through a narrative inquiry with the use of testimonios.

This research study was grounded in Chicana feminist theory. Chicana feminist theory recognizes Latinas’ diverse ways of knowing and the importance of their experiential knowledge as well as how that knowledge can inform theory and practice (Elenes & Delgado Bernal, 2010). Data was collected via interviews with three participants. The interviews were transcribed then analyzed.

The analysis revealed three overarching themes: 1.) mestiza consciousness, 2.) empowerment, and 3.) borderlander. As a result of the themes a three-pronged conceptual model was produced to represent a process of how the participants enacted mestiza consciousness, borderlander, and conocimiento resulting in a construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of their experiences.


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Education, Latinas, Superintendents, Texas



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies