Exploring the Optimization of Placement for Low Impact Developments Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Varying Storm Events




Tallichet, Jules

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The negative effects of urbanization on both the amount and quantity of water resource systems are well documented. Additional attention must be given to determining the best locations to place systems that can mitigate the harmful effects urbanization has on stormwater runoff. This thesis investigates the effects of storm events, measured in terms of both size and timing of rainfall events, on the near optimal location of LIDs within a watershed. This is accomplished by assessing the performance of different Low Impact Development ("LID") strategies when used in various subcatchments within a watershed and when subjected to various intensities and frequencies of storm systems. If a relationship between type, placement, storm intensity, and storm timing were proven to exist, a program able to accomplish this optimization would become an important decision making tool for the process of placing LID systems and planning future developments, while keeping water resources issues in mind. This study found that it was difficult to observe patterns relating to the placement of specific types of LID structures. What was noted was a general trend towards placement of LID systems in subcatchments with high levels of impervious coverage and larger areas. The size of the rainfall event showed a more defined pattern of LID placement trending towards specific regions of the watershed as storm intensity increased. LID placement for lower intensity storms tends to follow less of a distinct pattern while high intensity storms lead to LID placement becoming more concentrated in more heavily urbanized areas of the watershed. Alternatively, the timing of the storm event appeared to have very little effect on the placement of LIDs within the watershed, which is potentially due to the small but noticeable differences in the runoff created by these storm event timings.


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Design Storm, Low Impact Development, Optimization, Placement, SWMM



Civil and Environmental Engineering